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The Practice Kit - For Synthetic Urine

Single-Panel Test Kit (THC/COC)

Marijuana or Cocaine Test Kit. It's a simple One-Step Test that accurately detects drug metabolites and provides reliable results within minutes.

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  • Marijuana and cocaine are the most common drug test requested by thousands of customers for a variety of reasons.
  • The Cocaine and THC Test Kit enables you to test yourself in the privacy of your own home.
  • According to feedback, it's a popular method and strategy to test yourself at home to determine your detox progress.


**Please use responsibly - these products are to be used in accordance with all federal and state laws.**


  • The urine sample should be collected in a clean glass or plastic container.

  • Open the foil pouch at the notch and remove the test panel.

  • Place on a clean, flat surface.

  • Using the enclosed dropper, place 4 complete drops of urine in the Sample Well (S).

  • Do not disturb the device while the test is in progress.

  • Wait 5 minutes to read the results.

Note: Hold the dropper vertically to avoid air bubbles. If excess or insufficient urine is used, the test may not perform properly.

**Do not interpret results after ten minutes**


One pink/rose line appears in the Control Zone (C) with no apparent line in the Test Zone (T). The sample DOES contain drug metabolites.


Two pink/rose lines appear (no matter how faint)-one in the Control Zone (C) and one in the Test Zone (T). The sample does NOT contain drug metabolites.


No pink/rose lines appear after 10 minutes, or a line appears in the Test Zone (T) but not in the Control Zone (C). An invalid test result may be due to improper testing procedures or because of a defect.

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