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Quick Luck Premium Premixed Synthetic Urine

NEW 2019 Ultra Premium 3oz premixed urine kit. Comes with 2 heat pads and heat activator powder. 100% Effective!

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Why is Quick Luck the best synthetic urine on the market?

The Clear Choice brand was launched in 1993, 26 years later this product still thrives as being the best of its class. Quick Luck is a NEW premium quality, 3oz synthetic urine kit with the most superior formula on the market, based on more than 16 years of lab research.

This is 100% effective, premixed, unisex, 3oz synthetic urine which is designed to be undetectable and toxin free. All Clear Choice Synthetic Urine is BIOCIDE FREE!

Their TOP secret urine formula is made from 11 different chemical compounds including uric acid and urea that mimic real human urine and is balanced for pH, specific gravity and creatinine just to mention a few.

Included with the solution is their patented heat activator formula that raises the urine's temperature to normal body temperature. Also included are two heat pads, each when activated, have a life expectancy of up to 10 hours.

This is the only pre-mixed, synthetic urine of its kind and it rivals any other product out there on the market.


  • Completely undetectable
  • Standard Size 3oz Container
  • Toxin Free Synthetic Urine
  • Unisex for Male or Female Use
  • Safety sealed for your protection
  • Includes 2 Clear Choice heat pads
  • Includes Heat Activator Powder – Raises Temperature within Seconds

**Please use responsibly - these products are to be used in accordance with all federal and state laws.**



*Read all information below before proceeding*

Quick Luck® comes with an easy-to-read temperature strip. Your realistic target temperature range is between 94°F and 100°F.

To avoid a false temperature reading make sure you store the bottle with the temperature strip facing away from your body. Once the safety seal is broken, just like real urine the synthetic urine will start growing bacteria within a couple of days.

**If not used, the solution can be refrigerated for up to 48 hours or frozen for up to 6 months**

Synthetic Urine

Do not break the safety seal until the day of use.
Once the seal is broken you can opt to change the cap for the spout cap provided which closely resembles the flow of the urine when poured.

Heating Options Your solution should be heated to an optimal temperature of 94°F and 100°F using a heating pad and topped off with heat activator if required.

  • OPTION 1: Heat Pad - Remove the paper backing and stick to the bottle. Please allow up to 1 hour to reach the optimal temperature. The heat pad will provide up to 10 hours of heat once activated. Never apply more than 1 heat pad at a time.
  • OPTION 2: Heat Activator - The use of the heat activator is optional. It comes in handy in last minute situations, like when there's no time to wait for a heating pad to heat up or in a situation where you have applied a heating pad but realize you haven't reached optimal temperature by the time you are ready to prank. 

Keep in mind when using the heat activator that it's easier to increase the temperature of your solution than to decrease it.

Therefore you should add minimal amounts of powder at a time, then replace the cap, shake gently, wait 10 seconds and take a temperature reading. If more heat is required then repeat the previous process until you reach the optimal range.

The logic here is the cooler your solution the more heat activator will be required. Warmer the solution less heat activator will be required.

Note** that you might not see a reading if you are out of the temperature strip's range**

A solution in the optimal range should only feel slightly warm to the touch. If your bottle feels warm but you don't see a temperature reading this is usually an indication that you have overheated your synthetic urine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reheat my synthetic urine?

Yes, if the seal is not broken, you may re-heat your synthetic urine as many times as you like.

Can I microwave my synthetic urine?

Yes, you can microwave it for 7 second increments on the day of use, but you will need to remove the lid. Once you remove the lid you will need to use your product within 8 hours.

What If I opened/broke the seal on the Quick Luck and did not need to use it, can I keep it for a later time?

Yes. Once the solution is mixed/opened you have 8 hours to do one of 3 things with it;
1) Use it
2) Put it in the fridge to use in the next 48 hours.
3) Put it in the freezer. (It will keep for up to 6 months)

My product is about to expire can I return or exchange it?

If you received a package with less than 6 months of remaining shelf life then we will replace it a week before it expires. You may contact our customer service dept.
NOTE: We will only authorize replacements for unopened sealed products that had less than 6 months of shelf life from the date you received it. Expired products shouldn't be used; products effectiveness will have decreased!!

How do I use the heat activator powder?

"Take out the heat activator powder and gently tap the vial to loosen the powder. Carefully pour about 1/8 of the powder into the vial's cap, then add it to the urine. Do not pour directly from the vial into the urine! It's very easy to overpour if you do this. Put the cap back on the urine, shake it gently for 10-15 seconds, then check the temperature strip. Repeat as necessary to get the urine to 94° - 100° degrees.
Do not add the whole vial in one go.
If your starting temperature is low you may need to use the complete vial, but still add gradually
**Please be aware**
If your temperature strip is not showing a reading, it means your solution is TOO HOT or TOO COLD"

How quickly does the heat activator work?

The heat activator will work almost instantly. We suggest giving it about 5 -10 seconds to fully react before adding more heat activator.

Which product is more effective Sub Solution or Quick Luck?

Both products are equally effective. They both use the same Biocide free urine formula.

My temperature strip is not showing any indication, I think its broken.

It is more likely that your solution is either too hot or too cold. Either way it will not show any indication.

My heating pad isn’t working. I can’t feel any heat.

Once activated the heat pad will barely feel warm to the touch and this is perfectly normal as the heat pad in combination with your body heat will raise the urine to its ideal temperature within one (1) hour. This is not the type of heat pad you would use in the snow, it will only feel very slightly warm to ensure your solution is not overheated.

The heat activating powder is not working. What do I do?

You need to determine if the solution is too warm, or too cold. If it it is too cold than you should add more heat activator. If it is too warm, then you need to cool your solution down. So long as the activator is still in a powder state it will still be effective. If the activator is in a liquid or solid state it means that the activator has already reacted with moisture in the air and can no longer be used. You should open the heat activator only when you are ready to use it.

How long will the heat activator hold the temperature?

The heat activator will not hold the temperature, it will only bring your solution up to temperature.

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