The Quick Solution synthetic urine kit

The Quick Solution

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The Simple Solution

The Simple Solution is small, discreet, and easy to use. This product can be used by male or female.

This product has been discontinued, we highly recommend the following product:

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  • The Simple Solution is small, discreet, and easy to use.

  • The kit comes completely assembled and ready for use.
  • No mixing or refrigeration required.

  • Adjustable elastic belt accommodates up to a 48-inch waist (extensions available).

  • Can be heated multiple times, two heat pads included in the kit.

  • Accurate and easy to read temperature strip.

  • Only the best available vinyl and components are used to ensure against leaks.

  • Durable vinyl bag pre-filled with 3.5 ounces of a sterile, toxin-free synthetic urine.

  • This solution has all the same characteristics and properties as a real human urine.

  • It has the most realistic color on the market, no bright or fluorescent yellows.

  • The Simple Solution is a true unisex kit, can be used by male or female.

Complete kit includes:

  • Pre filled 3.5 ounce durable vinyl bag with tubing

  • Adjustable elastic belt (up to 48 inches)

  • Two adjustable clips to picnh off tubing

  • Two adhesive heat pads

  • Temperature strip

  • Instructions printed on the box

  • Professionally shrink wrapped package

**Please use responsibly - these products are to be used in accordance with all federal and state laws.**


Decide where you are going to wear the Simple Solution, it can be worn around your waist, thigh, or rib cage area.

Unwrap ONE heating pad from its plastic wrapper.

Apply ONE heat pad with the sticky side directly to the back side of the bladder opposite the Temperature label.

  • The heating pad should be sandwiched between the bag and the belt.

  • The heating pad will automatically activate when exposed to air.

  • Close the plastic clips on the tubing and cut the hose to the desired length.

This should ONLY be done the day of use. If the hose is cut and the product is stored it will run the risk of growing harmful bacteria.

Depending on current temperature the product could take up to 1 hour to reach optimum temperature. Once achieved it will NOT overheat.

The heating pads are made to run at the proper temperature.

The temperature label MUST read green between 94°F-100°F before use.

Your body heat and heating pad COMBINED will maintain the proper temperature for up to 10 hours.

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