Sub-Solution & Practice Kit Combo

Sub-Solution & Practice Kit Combo

Rescue Cleanse 17oz + FREE Herbal Pre Cleanse Capsules

Rescue Cleanse 17oz Detox Drink watermelon flavor. After one hour you will be in the "Clear Zone™ for up to 5 hours.

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  • One Hour Regular Size Liquid Detox Drink can be used to pass nicotine tests

  • Clear Zone™ for up to 5 Hours

  • Fruity Watermelon Flavor

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For regular users of herbal toxins, avoid toxins for at least 14 days. For real heavy users of herbal toxins, we highly recommend using a Clear Choice Synthetic Urine such as the Sub Solution or Incognito Belt

  • Avoid all toxins and unnecessary medication for at lest 48 hours prior too drinking this product. Best taken on an empty stomach so it’s recommended not to eat or drink 4 hours prior to consumption.

  • For best flavor refrigerate before opening. Shake well. Drink entire contents of bottle at a continuous but comfortable pace. Once finished wait 15 minutes then refill container with cold water and drink.

  • Once finished allow 60 minutes for the Rescue Cleanse to become effective. During that hour it’s important to urinate frequently to eliminate toxins.

  • Continue avoiding food and beverages other than water. After 1 hour you will be in the clear zone for up to 5 hours. Maximum effectiveness is achieved within the first hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I need to stay away from food and beverages to use the Rescue Cleanse?

You need to abstain from food & beverages, and any unnecessary medications or vitamins for 4 hours before consuming the product, and up until you submit your sample. This includes water.

Which Rescue Cleanse detox drink is best for me?

If you are under 200lbs you must only use the 17oz detox drink. Using the larger 32oz drink your test will come back as a diluted sample! People OVER 200lbs should use the 32oz bottle. The detox drinks were specifically designed to detox people by weight. If you are a heavy user, we highly recommend you use a synthetic urine product.

Will the Rescue Cleanse work for me?

If you need to mask herbal toxins, Rescue Cleanse is intended for only the occasional user. Frequent users, long term users, and users of edibles, or concentrates should abstain for 14 days and use the herbal pre-cleanse product for those 14 days, along with this product. If you do not have the time before your test to do this, then you should use a synthetic urine product as you will not likely pass with a detox beverage.For users of other toxins you should avoid all toxins and unnecessary medications for at least 72 hours.

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